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Apparels - The style of living

In simple term Apparels is used to cover human body. There are numerous types of apparel, worn to suit different occasions and places. Generally in Apparels we can include outfits, clothing, watches, shoes, jewelry etc. Apparels are used to describe the outfits, clothes, shoes etc worn by people. Since the old times Apparels style are ever changing.

Basic Factor to affect Apparels
Below given the basic factor effect which effects the apparels worn style of people

* Protection
Protection is the basic need of the apparels wearing.

* Fashion
The style of Apparels varies with the ever changing fashion of the world.

* Tradition
People also use apparels according to their traditions.

* Weather
Primarily apparels can serve as a protector from the weather.

* Religion
Some people wear apparels according to their religion for example most of the Muslim women wear veils in public because their religion requires them to hide their hair from strangers.

* Status
Mostly wear apparels according to their social status.

Top Ten Things That hurt Me Off Lately

1 James Franco getting nominated for an Oscar.

2. Actresses whose faces no longer move (I'm talking about you, Jennifer Aniston).

3. Oprah's Own network, with a whole goddamn show just for Gail.

4. The fact that most judges are men, but most of their research attorneys are women (or occasionally, doughy boys with man boobs and a penchant for science fiction).

5. Anything involving Arizona.

6. Anything involving Texas.

7. Anything involving Florida. (seriously, why can't we get rid of these states?)

8. The DA throwing down new charges on Lohan while Charlie Sheen continues to enjoy cocaine by the briefcase.

9. Having to study for the bar exam again.

10. Getting to work at 6:30 a.m. only to find my parking space occupied by craft services for a fucking Chinese film crew.

How to become a professional amateur products tester

In addition to becoming a professional amateur products tester, my father is becoming a professional freebie diner. As long as they feed him, he'll sit through time-share promotions and pyramid scheme speeches. Yesterday, he went for dinner on some questionable investment company's dime at a fancy steakhouse that he and my mom generally love. The invitation stated that he was allowed to bring one guest who was over 55 and interested in investing. So my dad, in a moment of genius or spite (I'm guessing spite because he's too transparent for brilliance), invited his investment broker to join him. The investment broker is a guy our family has used for twenty years and he's the real deal--has nothing to do with these schemes my dad funnels his dinners through. But our investment broker was thrilled to be asked and seemed to be excited to join my dad. Surprisingly though, the company vetted the dinner guests, and a few hours before dinner, the company called to say that our investment broker wasn't eligible to attend. They were pissy about it too, as if a legitimate broker would really cramp their sheister style.

My dad then made my mother, who would rather pay for dinner than listen to every asshole's spiel, go with him. She came home grumpy and angry despite a full belly. My dad though, he just patted his stomach and said he'd "won." He figured that he and my mom ate nearly $200 of steak and sides off the regular menu. They never bought into a single investment scheme either. And they brought home leftovers. He likely did win something, but the way my mom keeps cursing about him today makes me wonder about the prize.

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